A biography is generally about the past, no? However, with an artist like Eric Matthews one has little choice but also to look at the present too, within the context and spirit of what the future may hold. Eric’s future seems very bright, but not just at a glance. He recently completed work on his next album: “Too Much World”, not to mention recent releases with his bands Cardinal and Seinking Ships.  And now, adding to the musical fat, Eric is a proud new member of SheLoom. But Eric is still focused on his work as a solo recording artist. TMW is the boldest and brightest musical statement from Eric so far. As his personal biographer for more than 15 years, I was given an album preview two weeks ago at his home. I will testify that this album is something so beyond special and rare that it approaches the unbelievable stage. Perhaps this is what it should be called – “The Unbelievable Stage”. TMW promises for a major splash down (old NASA terminology) in 2016. But for a minute or so now, this biography seems out of order or balance, or something that is uneven. So, let’s get back to the assignment and tell a story that people can understand.

A Short True Story:
Eric Matthews is a composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and producer.  Eric’s various records have gained public praise from all corners of the media, as well as from devoted fans at points all around the globe. This praise and devotion is nearly two decades along and still growing.   This all started for Eric as one half of Cardinal, the 1994 debut that placed Eric at the center of a movement within  indie rock occupied for very few.  1995 saw Eric signed contractually signed to Sub Pop records where he recorded to very important albums, It's Heavy In Here and 1997's The Lateness of the Hour.

In 2004 Eric signed his second contract as solo artist, but this time with Empyrean Records. The Empyrean label launched this second stage of Eric’s career with a reissue of the aforementioned “Cardinal” self-titled debut in 2004. In 2005 Empyrean released Eric’s return to the solo record format with “Six Kinds Of Passion Looking For An Exit”. It too found an audience and scores of critics eager again for the Eric Matthews sound. Still signed to Empyrean, 2006 saw “Foundation Sounds” released, and in 2008 “The Imagination Stage”. All three EM solo records on the Empyrean Records label proved Eric to be in as strong of voice and vision as ever before, perhaps even stronger.