Cardinal Cardinal (1994)

Flydaddy Records (FLY002)

Eric Matthews It's Heavy In Here (1995)

Sub Pop Records (SP 312)

Eric Matthews The Lateness of the Hour (1997)

Sub Pop Records (SP 404)

Eric Matthews Six Kinds of Passion Looking For an Exit (2005)

Empyrean Records (SKY-007)

Cardinal Reissue (2005)

Empyrean Records (SKY-008)

Eric Matthews Foundation Sounds (2006)

Empyrean Records (SKY-015)

Eric Matthews The Imagination Stage (2008)

Empyrean Records



Beltbuckle Beltbuckle EP (1993)

Sonic Bubblegum Records (GUM013)

Cardinal Toy Bell EP (1993)

Flydaddy Records (FLY 001)

Cardinal Dream Figure CD3 (1994)

Dedicated Records (DED001CD) -UK only

Cardinal If You Believe In Christmas Trees 7" (1994)

Flydaddy Records (FLY 006)

Unconvinced Unconvinced 7" EP (1994)

18 Wheeler Records (EWR 007)

Eric Matthews Fanfare 7" limited edition color vinyl (1995)

Sub Pop Records (SP 319 A&B)

Eric Matthews Fanfare CD5 (1996)

Sub Pop Records (SPCD 319) -UK only.

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Eric Matthews Limited Edition EP (2006)

Empyrean Records (SKY-021)

The Moles Instinct (1994)

Flydaddy Records (FLY 003)  co-wrote "Instinct" with Richard Davies and Bob Fay 

Nero's Rome Togetherly (1993)

Lazy Bones Records (NAMCD094)

S.W.A.T. Deep Inside A Cop's Mind (1994)

Amphetamine Reptile Records (AM/Rep 029)

Absinthe Spoons (1997)

Insane Pop Records (IRP398625)

Lowcraft Manticore (1998)

Triple AAA Records (B00001ZTZZ) -UK only

Spookey Ruben What's A Boy To Do? Modes of Transportation Vol. 2 (1999)

Quattro Records (QTCI-73002) -Japan only

Kaitlyn ni Donovan Songs For Seven Days (1999)

Hush Records (hushrecords018)

Man of the Year The Future Is Now (2000)

Tiny Beat Records (TB001)

IVY Long Distance (2000)

Unfiltered Records/EMI (AMCY-7210)

Bug 2000 Bug 2000 (2000)

Pitch-a-Tent Records (PAT 042-B)

Dandy Warhols Thirteen Tales of Urban Bohemia (2000)

Capitol Records (CA57787)

Tahiti 80 Puzzle (2000)

Minty Fresh/Sony Records (MF36)

Spookey Ruben Bed (2001)

Hi-Hat Records (HAT 1488-2)

James Angell Private Player

Psycheclectic Records (PE001)

Chocolat Henry (2001)

WEA (WPC6-10159)

UHF If It Was Easy (2002)

Second Story Records (SSR0418)

Volovan Volovan (2002)

Suave Records/Sony Int. (320013-20)

Brookville Wonderful Nothing (2003)

Unfiltered Records (UNFILT004)

Paula Kelley The Trouble With Success (2003)

Kimchee Records (KC028)

Tahiti 80 Wallpaper For The Soul (2003)

Atmospheriques Records (067 423-2/A)

Pugwash Jollity (2005)

1969 Records (NICE 0003)

Brookville Life In The Shade (2006)

Unfiltered Records (UNF-009)

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Pugwash Tinsel and Marzapan (2006)

Unfiltered Records (NICE-0010)


Polygram Presents..........An Instrumental Thing (1996)

(PMP013) -exclusive instrumental called "Into the Walls"

Grooves Vol. 12 (1996)

EMI/Capitol Records and Time-Life Music (R-980-12) - "Angels For Crime"

EMI/Capitol Special Golden Jam (1996)

Box top CD give-away for "Golden Grahams" cereal (EMI72438) - "Fanfare" 

Bang Productions 5 Heures en 75 Minutes (1996)

German comp with Garbage, Oasis, Pulp, and PJ Harvey. (BANG!20524) -"Fanfare"

Subject To Change "a compilation of NW artists" (1996)

Hate Free America Records (HFA00321) - demo version of "Lids, Nails, Screws"

Hype! (1997)

Sub Pop Records (PROCD#63) - "My Morning Parade"

The Best of Request Vol. 5 (1997)

(r803) radio sampler - "To Clear the Air"

Virtually Alternative Vol. 83 (Aug, 1997)

(IFPI L792) The Verve, Chemical Bros., Luna, and Oasis. -  "My Morning Parade"

Post Modern Syndrome "Summer's Eve Hits" (1998)

(HT040) The Sundays, Superchunk, and Primus. - "My Morning Parade"

Caroline Now! "The Songs of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys" (2001)

Marina/Caroline Records (marina6167) - Eric covers "The Lonely Sea"

Garland Appeal Vol.1 "Familiar Mysteries" (2002)

Lost Records (00146-2) one of Paul McCartney's breast cancer efforts - "MMP"

Ave Marina "Ten Years of Marina Records" (2004)

Marina Records (MA-60) - "The Lonely Sea"

To: Elliott From: Portland "A Tribute To Elliott Smith" (2006)

Exponged Records (ER 0002) - "Needle In The Hay "